Matthieu Le Moeligou, a real estate broker committed to the well-being of children!

Matthieu has been a real estate broker since 2008 and since 2015 with Groupe Sutton - Clodem inc. Grateful for his professional and personal success, he has contributed for several years to the community through various organizations. Last weekend, he took on a new challenge when he took part in the 24h Tremblant for the first time.

Active for the community of Lachine

Married, happy father of 3 children, real estate broker, athlete (up to 45 km of racing per week!) ... Matthieu juggles perfectly with all his passions. He also takes time to support causes that are dear to him. He always says yes to be as involved in resources as he is in time.

For several years, Matthieu and his wife have been regularly involved with several causes related to the well-being and education of children. Whether alongside his wife who co-created the Montreal Youth Literature Festival, at his children's school or as a donor to the Lachine Concerts organization, of which his wife was treasurer, he enjoys contributing and giving back.

portrait of Matthieu Le Moeligou and his family

The 24h Tremblant from a distance

This year, Matthieu took part in the 24h Tremblant. Held every year, the 24h Tremblant is a sporting event organized with the aim of collecting donations intended for the “well-being of children”. The cause thus donates donations to various organizations that contribute to the physical and mental health of children.

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This year, the sporting event took place remotely, but it was nonetheless a success!


The Very Exclusive Parents Club of Lachine

24h Tremblant event remotely

This is the name given to a group of friends made up of 12 athletic parents with the desire to raise their children in a caring community for the development of their well-being. Run, walk or bike, these great parents took turns over two days with the goal of raising $ 7,100. They rose to the challenge with flying colors as the total donation totaled $ 12,950 for this team. Well done to them ??.

In total, the event raised $ 2,394,628!

24h Tremblant at a distance sporting event24h Tremblant at a distance sporting event with Sutton Quebec

If Matthieu and his wife are so involved in the community, it is because they say they are lucky to have 3 young, healthy children. For him, it is important to give and it contributes to his happiness. Next action? The great media drive which will also be different this year.

We are very proud to have real estate brokers involved in our Sutton Quebec banner!