How to provoke the buyer's crush?

You sell your property and, when it comes time to market, the stress rises? You're hoping for a multitude of visits and that feeling is quite normal, but ... it only takes one visit for a buyer to make an offer. So how do you create a crush during the visits? 


The essential tips for the Wow effect!

When putting a property up for sale, there is a preparation phase that is essential for a successful sale quickly. Making a sensation from the first few seconds is important. Here are a few tips:

  • Detach, depersonalize and de-clutter
  • Clean up
  • Repair
  • Take care of the exterior
  • Create a beautiful atmosphere

before after entrance selling house

before after living room selling home

Find in detail all the little tips for big results in our sales guide.

before after bedroom selling home

Indispensable assets in 2021

The pandemic has changed the purchasing criteria in 2021 and certain assets have become real crush triggers. Two tips to attract buyers in 2021:

Enhance the exterior

Whether it is a balcony, a terrace or a large garden, enhance the exterior by arranging it to show the range of possibilities. Use and abuse plants; buyers need a return to nature. Give them that feeling of well-being and greenery.

before after exterior to sell your house

Space to work 

Teleworking has become a new way of life. Show buyers the possibilities by thinking of a workspace. Make them project!

There are also rooms that are more important than others, rooms where you have to redouble your efforts to make everything flawless. The kitchen and the wardrobe are two rooms that should not be overlooked. They can make the difference.


Solutions for the negative points

Last point, you might have some difficulty creating a crush if you sell your property empty or if there is a lot of work to be done. 

Rooms without furniture

In the first case, selling an empty property can give a strange feeling of a “house without a soul”. In addition, visitors focus more on small flaws and may have difficulty in projecting themselves. To remedy all this, discover all our tips for valuing an empty property for sale.

Work to be done

In the second case, the work can be prohibitive for some or on the contrary a source of multiple possibilities of customization for others. What worries buyers the most are major jobs: roofing, plumbing, electricity, insulation… These jobs are expensive and investing in a property is already a good investment. To reassure them, anticipate requests for quotes to assess a budget so that your visitors integrate this notion into their project.


Find all the buyers' hold backs and how to fix them. Do not forget the photo shoot step which is very important to trigger the desire to visit!