6 inexpensive ideas to modernize your kitchen

An old-fashioned kitchen has a strong tendency to catch the eye ... the wrong way! This can be a drag for future buyers. The kitchen goes a long way in selling a house. Indeed, a renovated and up to date kitchen brings a lot of value to a property.

On the other hand, if you plan to enjoy your kitchen for a long time, it may be time to refresh it to make it more to your liking.

If you don't have the budget or are short on time to undertake a complete kitchen remodel, you may want to consider economical options for modernizing it.

Here are some ideas to make your kitchen more modern at low cost.

1. Refresh your cupboards

Cabinets are imposing and greatly influence the style of a kitchen. However, replacing them is a complex and expensive project. So why not just refresh them? Most cupboards, even melamine ones, can be painted.

Refresh your cupboards to modernize your kitchen

For a modern and clean style, you can also replace a few cabinets with shelves.

2. Change the handles of your cupboards

Likewise, new cupboard handles can add a lot of style to a kitchen. They are easy to change to keep them up to date or just to "make a change" when you want a new decor without hassle.

Change your cupboard handles for a more modern kitchen

The trend is for discreet handles for a minimalist and sober style. So it can be an eye-catcher for potential buyers. If that's just for your taste, go for it in a style that works for you while still being practical.

3. Opt for a new backsplash

Have you come to the end of looking at your old-fashioned backsplash in 80s colors? Even designs from the early 2000s may not be up to date at all. Changing the backsplash isn't the easiest project, but it has the potential to go a long way in modernizing a kitchen.

If you are looking to change the backsplash, it is important to carefully consider the costs against the value that the change can bring to your home. Shop around for prices, assess your options, take the time to choose.

If your cupboards and counters are darker or more colorful, go for a lighter backsplash. Conversely, with pale solid surfaces, a colorful, textured backsplash can add a nice contrast.

Modernize your kitchen with a new blacksplash

4. Focus on lighting

Kitchen lighting has several functions: to illuminate worktops well and, at the same time, create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. The lights recessed under the cabinets or in the ceiling illuminate the workspace well while being unobtrusive. The more imposing pendant lights above the island provide a warmer atmosphere.

Redefining your lighting or simply changing your light fixtures is an inexpensive way to modernize your kitchen.

Focus on lighting for the modernization of your kictchen

5. Update accessories

Small details can make all the difference for a more modern kitchen! Rethink your salt and pepper set, your decorations, the containers in which you put your kitchen utensils, etc. For a harmonious kitchen, set the accent colors and style you are looking for: stainless steel, wicker containers, clear glass jars?

Update your accessories for a more modern kitchen

6. Optimize your storage

Sometimes, just optimizing the storage of your dishes, kitchen accessories and food makes a big difference in the room. Freeing up the counters, in addition to increasing the surface available for cooking, declutters the room and adds an effect of space. An organized kitchen feels cleaner and more inviting.

Optimize the storage of your kitchen to make it more modern

Modernizing your kitchen will make you enjoy more preparing meals or dining with friends. In the event that you do move, this small change will be an additional element that will help capture the attention of future buyers.