Radu Gartu, real estate broker committed to giving back

Radu Gartu, a real estate broker affiliated with groupe sutton – immobilia, is committed to giving back and gets involved in different ways to help others.

When the passion for hockey joins the cause

Radu has been playing hockey his whole life. When he was young, he played every day, either at the arena, in the street, or on an outdoor rink. “If you didn’t find me doing my homework, you found me with a stick and a ball or a hockey puck,” he said.

His passion still follows him today as he plays it once or twice a week.

Knowing his interest in hockey, Radu's neighbour told him about the Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament for the cause of homeless people in Montreal, and invited him to participate on April 12.

The broker agreed: impossible to say no to the opportunity to raise money for a cause close to his heart, all through his passion for hockey.

Hockey Helps the Homeless is present in several provinces in Canada and its mission is to raise awareness of the cause and financially support local organizations supporting homeless people.

To accomplish their mission, they take advantage of Canadians' attraction to hockey and organize tournaments where players raise funds for the cause.

“In Montreal, it is estimated that around 1,400 men, women and children find themselves homeless every night, but together we can change this statistic. », says Radu in his participant page.

At the time of writing the article, his goal of $750 was surpassed and he raised a little over $1100.

Making a difference, one cause at a time

This is not Radu’s first involvement. In 2018, he joined a group of friends who created the Association du jeune Montréal, which aims to organize charitable events and mobilize the next generation around social issues.

Every year, from 2016 to 2019, the Association organized a benefit evening where on average more than $100,000 was raised annually for a cause. For each edition, the Association has chosen an organization with a significant need for funds to continue creating its positive impact in the community.

The 2020 edition benefited Wapikoni, which offers mobile workshops to train young native people to make short films and musical works in their communities. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the pandemic.

Although the Association du jeune Montréal stopped its activities in 2020, the door remains open for a potential resumption.

A broker invested all the way

His generosity doesn’t stop there. Radu is just as invested in his work and with his real estate agency groupe sutton - immobilia. He is always one of the first to want to participate and want to help during activities and events organized by the agency.

His camaraderie and team spirit are reflected as much in hockey as within his agency. He offers his assistance to brokers by answering their questions, as he receives support from his peers in return. He contributes greatly to the spirit of collaboration that reigns in the Sutton family.

“I am a team player, I like working in a team and sharing my knowledge. If I'm doing well and someone else can be doing well without us becoming rivals... then why not? »

This collaboration is in the spotlight during activities organized by the agency, such as the weekly Lunch & Learns, which are opportunities to come together, build relationships and help each other.

Continuing with his availability and his desire to get involved, he fully supports the common cause of Sutton – Quebec, Dans la rue, which offers services to help young people who are homeless or in precarious situations. This is a cause that is particularly close to his heart and he participates in each activity organized by groupe sutton - immobilia for the organization: preparation of hot dogs for the Van, making pastries for the young people using the Bunker, inventory from the warehouse.

Why did you choose Sutton?

For Radu, the human factor is the most important: what counts is good compatibility with the agency, and above all, the managers.

He immediately got along with the former director of groupe sutton - immobilia, and when Julie Gaucher and Bogdan Draghia took over the reins of the agency in 2016, the good relationship continued. He admires them and greatly appreciates their availability, the time they take to help and answer brokers’ questions.

Over the years, Radu has developed a strong relationship with Julie Gaucher, the agency executive officer of groupe sutton - immobilia. They meet every week in the office and take the time to discuss and exchange ideas, particularly on how to promote the agency and the work of their colleagues. For him, a successful agency is one where real estate brokers help each other, collaborate and have everyone’s success at heart.


Despite a busy schedule between daily life and the workload of a real estate broker, Radu jumps at every possible opportunity to give back. He considers that he has received a lot in life and feels the duty to give back. “Whatever you give comes back to you,” he said. Giving back is in his DNA.

Would you like to support Radu and contribute to the Hockey Helps the Homeless cause? Go to his participant page to make a donation.