Audrey Belouin, dedicated and inspiring real estate broker

Audrey Belouin, real estate broker affiliated with groupe sutton - clodem, is committed to raising awareness about Pompe disease, a rare degenerative disease.

The broker is personally affected by the cause since her son, Anthony, suffers from the disease.

However, this disease is very little known. This is why Audrey has made it her mission to talk about Pompe disease and raise public awareness: we must “educate the population and the medical profession for diagnosis and treatment”.

She is also president of the board of directors of the Canadian Pompe Disease Association. She is involved for her son, but particularly to help everyone since the disease can affect anyone.

What is Pompe disease?

Pompe disease is a rare disease that is not well-known, even by medical professionals. It is a degenerative disease that affects every muscle in the body.

If it is not diagnosed, affected children with the infantile form die before they reach one year old. For the late form, if the disease is not identified quickly, the person loses muscle strength to the point of losing the ability to breathe and even losing their life.

“The beautiful thing about this disease is that there is a treatment!”, shares Audrey with the enthusiasm we know from her. “But to provide treatment, you have to diagnose [the disease], you have to make it known. »

Social networks and cream pie to talk about the disease

On the occasion of International Pompe Disease Day on April 15, a challenge was launched on social networks to raise awareness of the disease. The #pies4pompe challenge consists of “taking a cream pie in the face” to use Audrey’s words, of identifying people to challenge and above all, of raising awareness of the disease.

The broker participated and challenged her friends and family, including real estate brokers from her agency. Several brokers, including Karine Matteau, Philip Ouimet and Christian Vasquez, supportive and sensitive to the reality of their colleague and her family, took up the challenge!

An inspiring real estate broker

Her smile and positive energy are contagious and contribute greatly to the team spirit that reigns in the agency.

Dedicated to her work and to her clients, she embodies the perfect example of determination and resilience.

Her commitment, strength and positivity make her a source of inspiration for all those around her.

Help this dedicated mother who cares so much for her son to raise awareness about Pompe disease by sharing this article or her Facebook post or by joining the challenge yourself!