Everything for a successful moving

Moving cannot be improvised and well organized, it can turn into a convivial moment with family or friends. Sutton Quebec has compiled a small list of things to think about for a smooth moving.


Plan your moving 

Anticipating the moving date well in advance allows for better planning. You will thus have better visibility on, for example, the time you have to pack your boxes but also the time to reserve a truck or call your friends to help you.

List of things to anticipate before moving

  • Reserve a truck and request parking in your old and new place of life

  • Gearup: find boxes, tape, large markers, boxes, bags, bubble wrap for fragile items, etc.

  • Make a firstsorting quickly to sell or give away things that you no longer want (always that less to take)

  • Mobilizere inforcements: block a date with your family and friends

  • If you are in a condo building, also remember to reserve the elevator as this may be mandatory. Find out beforehand because some buildings have a specific day during the week for moving.

plan, anticipate

Manage the administrative part of a moving

Moving also means planning to inform the various services to which you are linked. So remember to list all your current contracts and all the institutions to which you must report your change of address. Non-exhaustive list:

  • Hydro Quebec
  • Telephone and Internet services
  • Government bodies (ex. Health insurance)
  • Bank
  • Home / auto insurance
  • Taxes
  • Employer

To calm your mind, discover the MovingWaldo solution which will allow you to change your address easily with more than 500 organizations and companies at the same time!


Prepare your moving

The importance of packing well

The goal is to make your big day simple, fast and efficient. Everything must be ready, especially the boxes. Everything must be stored, packaged and labeled so that you only have to load and unload in the right room. Do not neglect the time to pack the boxes because the task is not easy and it is better to plan several weekends.

Your friends and family will thank you for this meticulous organization because there is nothing worse than wasting time on D-Day to finish packing.

At your boxes

Also plan a small suitcase for the last days of your home and the first days of your new home. This will prevent you from looking for your things in all the boxes. In addition to noting the recipient part on your boxes, don't hesitate to write down what's inside to make it easier to find the first things you need.

Large furniture

To save a little time on moving day, you can make it easier to transport larger furniture and appliances

  • Disassemble what will not pass at the doors
  • Stick the furniture doors with adhesive tape to close them properly
  • Also stick the sockets of your appliances and the doors (of the oven, the stove, the fridge)

Also remember to empty your refrigerator, store your food and unplug it by putting absorbent cloth on the floor. It is important to anticipate this detail because the principle is that a fridge is unplugged at least twelve hours before being moved. What's more, the freezer part can take up to 8 hours to thaw.


Tips for a successful moving dayfriendly day

Start the day by receiving your reinforcement, whether it is your family or your friends, by respecting the precautions recommended by the government. Take time for a good cup of coffee for a quick briefing. Everyone must have a role and know what they are going to do. Form teams with missions for each. Appoint a person responsible for the “Tetris” of the truck. Once everyone knows their mission and everything is well prepared, it will be a good day.

Take the time to take a dinner break, a friendly moment that will energize everyone.


What to do with the children during the moving?

involve your children

For your young children, prefer to have them looked after by your relatives. For your slightly older children, they will be delighted to be involved in this great event. Give them small things to do, involve them with small boxes to move or by appointing them as a team assistant.

Good moving !

Do not hesitate to ask your Sutton Quebec real estate broker for advice. For other practical articles, see our Soon at Home section.