What are the buyers' hold backs and how to remedy them?

To sell your property quickly, it is important to put all your chances on your side. Knowing the expectations of future buyers as well as their obstacles to the acquisition of a property will allow you to anticipate and sometimes even counter them!

sell youy property quickly

A poor evaluation of the price of your property

No one likes the feeling of getting a bad deal and many are suspicious of too good a deal. Setting a fair price is one of the keys to a successful property sale. To achieve this, your real estate broker is on hand to advise you based on his experience and according to the current market state.

Putting too high a price in order to negotiate it is not a viable solution. You take the risk of missing your target. In addition, a fair price will not necessarily be negotiated but rather appreciated, a win-win feeling.

Conversely, undervaluing your home with the aim of a quick sale can also hold back potential buyers thinking there might be a problem.

The accumulation of small defects

A few visible wires and your visitors might think all the electricity needs to be redone! A torn wallpaper, a leaking pipe, a cracked window, a missing door sill are all small flaws that leave something to be desired. Your potential buyers may think of a poor general condition or poor maintenance of your property for sale. They will dwell on these details rather than appreciating the real strengths of your home.

To remedy this, just be sure to fix these small flaws before launching the first visits.

A poor estimation of the work to be done

reassure about the works

One of the significant aspects that can scare buyers is undoubtedly the amount of work to be done. Time and money are the two factors they will try to estimate.

The ideal is to carry out this work before putting it on sale with a better evaluation of your property. If this is not feasible, do not hesitate to anticipate requests for quotes from professionals to budget for this work. Take them into consideration in setting the final price for your home and submit bids.

The neighborhood and the environment 

The environment is one of the main purchasing criteria. The proximity of amenities but also transport and schools can weigh heavily in the balance. However, you have no leeway on this aspect.

If your neighborhood or city is in the making, rely on current or future projects to be able to argue about future added value.

You can also promote other assets such as calm, tranquility or proximity to nature. Every location has its qualities.

The difficulty of projecting oneself

Among the barriers to buying, the difficulty in projecting is quite common. There are several reasons for this: too crowded or conversely too empty.

In both cases, there are solutions. Too crowded, it will be necessary to purify the premises and think about home staging. Too empty, you can rent furniture or call on professionals to create a virtual universe. Discover our complementary articles:

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This article will help you understand the blocking elements of a real estate sale, but also remember that it can take just one visit for a crush ;)