How to become a real estate broker: the steps to follow

You are seeking new challenges, an exciting career and you are considering real estate brokerage? Starting a career as a real estate broker does not happen spontaneously. It is important to know the mandatory steps that you must follow in order to become a real estate broker.

What is the OACIQ?

The Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) will play a key role throughout your career. The OACIQ is the authority on real estate brokerage in Quebec. They ensure compliance with the standards and laws of real estate brokerage in order to protect the public.

To become a real estate broker, the OACIQ requires you to follow and successfully complete the following steps in order to be able to practice in Quebec.

The steps to become a real estate broker

The main steps to follow to become a real estate broker

Step 1: Complete a basic training program

As mentioned, basic real estate brokerage training is a mandatory step to be able to practice in Quebec. You will first need to define which area of practice interests you: residential brokerage or commercial brokerage. The ethical obligations are the same for both fields, but the way of practicing has certain disparities.

The number of hours and cost of training vary by educational institution and choice of program. It is normally completed over a year. Successful completion of a basic training program recognized by the OACIQ is a prerequisite to be able to take the certification exam.

Find out about establishments that offer an accredited program in your area.


Step 2: Take the OACIQ certification exam

Upon successful completion of the program, as a next step, you must take (and pass) the OACIQ certification exam. You will take the exam according to the field of practice studied. Passing this exam will allow you to apply for a license to practice as a real estate broker.

The objective of the exam is to validate your ability to apply the skills acquired during the training to complete a real estate transaction. You will be assessed on your ability to use the tools available to you and to adapt to different professional contexts.

At Sutton, we offer a preparatory session for the OACIQ exam and the success rate of future brokers who have completed our preparation is phenomenal (close to 100%).

 After the exam has been taken and the results sent in, if you have passed the certification exam, the next step is to apply for a license.


Step 3: Receive your license

To obtain your license to practice in real estate brokerage, you must submit an application for issuance within 12 months of receiving your certification exam results. As soon as you receive it, you can practice as a residential or commercial real estate broker (depending on your chosen course) throughout the province of Quebec.

To keep your right to practice thereafter, you will have to renew your license each year in addition to following the mandatory continuing education program.


Continuing education

The real estate market is constantly changing. In order to keep your knowledge up to date, you must follow the mandatory continuing education program required by the OACIQ. You will find more information on eligible subjects for the continuing education program on the OACIQ website.

What you need to know to become a real estate broker

Beyond training and the right to practice, the profession of real estate broker requires several skills and undeniable qualities to succeed. The winning trio for becoming an excellent real estate broker is know, know-how and know how to be.

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